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National Health Care Discount Employment

Frequently asked questions.....

How do I know NHCD is legitimate?

NHCD has been business for over 15 years. We have over 100,000,000 members that save up to 65% on medications by working with HUNDREDS of pharmacies Nation Wide. Call your local pharmacy to ask the pharmacist if they work with a PCS or Advance PCS if the pharmacy says YES then NHCD works with that pharmacy.

What happens after I pay the Security Deposit?

You will be ASSIGNED to an NHCD manager (Winnie) she will give a name of a website and a password to download a training packet to print out. You will then be scheduled for a training call.

What is in the training packet?

The training packet is 15 pages of information about the company, NHCD contract, and the lead generation script, which is a guideline to use when making contacts.

Why does NHCD have a security deposit?

NHCD pays a lot of money for everyone to receive an access code. With this access code all the long distance calls you make will go directly to NHCD phone bill and NOT yours. With this deposit NHCD knows that you are willing to work to receive the security deposit credited back to you! (please read the security deposit page located on this site)

How does NHCD know how many calls I make to be certain that I get my deposit back.

Your manager receives a weekly report that shows if you used the access code that was assigned to you by each call you make that is answered.

How much money can I expect to make during my first three weeks?

Working up to 20 hours, you can average $90 to $180 per week.

How do we get our paychecks?

Checks are sent out of the corporate office every Friday.

How are taxes taken out?

Your employed as an independent contractor. NHCD will send out 1099 tax forms of your earnings. YOU are responsible for your own taxes.

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